the Icelandic horse

Icelandics are different‘ is often said. What is so special about this breed? The small size and the particular colors immediately catch the eye. But for many Icelandic riders, especially the temperament and the extra gaits of riding make the riding a real happening.

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A typical Icelandic hors is independent, sensibel and friendly.

Icelanders are really herd animals. The young are raised in large groups, if possible on the pasture projects. The group is given a solid education in respect and communication. Something that the rider can benefit from later. The first ride on an icelandic horse is a revelation for many riders. A true Icelandic thinks ahead, so he walks alone. Not comparable to the average riding horse! Many Icelanders are also noticed for their sensitivity. Light aids are often enough to get the horse to work. And with acceleration comes the thrill: the tölt!

Gaited horse

It will not surprise anyone that the Icelandic horse, like any horse, can walk, trot and gallop. But a paced horse can do more! The Icelandic has two speeds at his disposal: the tölt and the amble

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